Weekend Reads #89

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I have never experienced weather moodier than the one we have in New Zealand. Which is the reason I have no idea how to dress properly here; and by properly I only mean in a way that feels good and is not too cold nor too hot. Impossible! Also, have you ever got a sunburn through your clothes? Why, you didn't think it could happen? It can, and I had the misfortune to witness it firsthand. How do people even live here? By the way, it is SO WEIRD that we're in the second half of October and all I keep hearing is "summer is coming". 

Okay, maybe this was too much weather talk? :) What are you up to this weekend? We're having a long one, as it's Labor day on Monday. I'd love it if it were warmer so I could finally walk to the beach. I literally see the ocean when I get outside of the house, but being born and raised in a plain, I'm hesitant to walk that much uphill. (I know sea is downhill, duhh. But this is New Zealand, subjective feeling: everything is uphill.) Anyway, here are some links for you to explore.

I'm looking forward to this documentary: about the busiest maternity hospital in the world.

Lovely artistic project to accompany the New York Times article on what happens when a wedding gets cancelled.

Something interesting that includes a ballet player.

On eating dinner in silence. (It's not some weird experiment or something!)

Do you know this feeling? I remember it hit me a couple of months ago. A boy was going from table to table in McDonalds, so as I and my companion had supposed he was begging for money, when he approached us, we shushed him away. The boy then left the restaurant, sat on his bike and rode away in a great hurry. I felt so bad for not even having listened to what he had to say. In that part of the world beggars don't usually ride good bicycles.

An ironing machine. The future has come.

On why #metoo was a women's hashtag. Dear men, yes, you too.

Yes, yes, yes!

Have a great one, folks! 

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