Weekend Reads #88

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hello lovely people. How's everything? I hope you have a good weekend. By the way, I'm toying with the idea of not doing the Weekend Reads anymore. It's not anything final, just an idea. They might transform or something. Any guidelines from you? Anyway, here are the links for this weekend.

First things first: why the "traveler vs. tourist" distinction SUCKS big time. I really hate it when people who travel, call them what you will, diss others for not traveling the same way. 

Actually, even more important read, for all of those who wondered "why they would keep quiet all the time" and thought "it's immoral to talk now that someone else talked first" or even at the same time said you cannot film naked scenes and then complain about being treated badly by men... this is a must read. If you're not getting it, you never will. And that's really, really sad, especially if you're woman. Then it's super sad.

I laughed out loud watching this: how to care for your introvert.

The world is not yet ready for hairy female legs. So proves the work of a Swedish photographer.

Are you by any chance a freelancer, or somebody who does at least something from home? If so, how many freelancer achievement stickers have you won today? ;)

While researching for my own piece of busyness and why it's considered desirable today, I stumbled upon this piece titled "I refuse to be busy". Great read! The author doesn't say she doesn't have time for something; she doesn't want to spend her time on things that are not really important.

I don't usually follow celebrity news, but how cute is this?

More photography: jeez, would you look at these?

If you've ever been on a juice-drinking detox, or want to do one, you need to read this first.

Love, Tihana


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