Weekend Reads #78

Sunday, April 30, 2017

So I happened to not have made it on Friday, nor yesterday... Sorry! I still go to the orthodontist's every Saturday hoping I won't be the first person in the world who has to wear braces forever :) I prepared a bit more links this time than usual, because we're having a long weekend here. If you aren't, sorry—but maybe you'll find something interesting to read today. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

Easy meals your family can just fucking make themselves. Loved this—something tells me this is the kind of mother I'll be...

Facebook is cooler than Twitter, but Snapchat is cooler than both. At least according to teens.

Sex magic: how to cast spells with your orgasm. This is one of the weirdest reads I have found recently.

Have you seen the new Balenciaga bag that looks suspiciously like the one from Ikea? Here's the Ikea answer to that, and it's hilarious.

It seems we are getting lonelier and lonelier, because online connections cannot replace offline friendships.

I'm getting goosebumps and tearing up every time I watch this. Every time! Yeah, love is awesome.

Even though I don't really have access to Trader Joe's, these easy snacks can be made with a variety of brands... Bookmarked!

“We are spending far too much of our time doing things that don’t really matter to us,” glued to our smartphones.

Speaking of: here's how to read a whole damn book every week, and one of the tricks is reading during commercial breaks. So clever, because I usually open Instagram!

I tested this with my Mom and a bunch of random books from our bookshelf. It worked. 😉



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