Weekend Reads #76

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hello there, what are your plans for the weekend? My sister is about to arrive home in an hour and then we'll dive deep into baking and egg coloring, guided by Mom's instructions, that is, until she decided we're way too grown up for needing advice and guidance. Oh, the usual. :) I wish you a great Easter weekend, and here are some fun links from around the web!

An honest resume. Yes, yes and yes!

An experimental illustration/typography project transforming Arabic words into the shape of their meanings. Also, the second part.

Why Masha is one of my favorite bloggers.

8.4 million New Yorkers suddenly realize New York City is a horrible place to live. Haha!

Designing the graphics for the Harry Potter movies. One of the best jobs in the world, right?

Traveling, love story, jackpot, a cool story... all in one.

These are beautiful and strangely calming. Oh and making me hungry.

Can you think of 50 reasons why everyone should want more walkable streets? They sure can. And all of them are really good!

Remember that clock in the Weasley house that showed where every member of the family is? You can actually make one. (Wow!)



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