Weekend Reads #75

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hi! You might have noticed the absence of Weekend Reads... or not. Both is fine. At some point, almost two months ago, I got one minor and one major translation gig that didn't allow browsing the Internet, let alone writing a Weekend Reads post. Apparently, as I noted on Twitter (only worth checking out if you understand Serbian), why hasn’t anybody ever told us it’s impossible to work, keep your home neat and clean, cook healthy lunches every day and have social life?! I know there are people in the blogosphere who brag about doing everything by thorough organization, but I think they’re just full of bullshit. It’s just impossible. I’m sorry, you’re lying, and do you even have a job? I don’t and I’m really struggling.

Sorry for the mini-rant. After the gigs were done, I got into a sort of imaginary cocoon that meant no work on the blog at all. I know it happens to me here and there and all the bloggers would tell you consistence is key, and I do agree, but honestly, I enjoyed the time off the blog. If nothing else, now I have both ideas for new posts and the will to write them, so hopefully the big break was a good thing to do! Anyway, here are your weekend reads for this week. 😊

How do you feel about capsule wardrobe? I'm not sure. I like seeing how other people deal with it. Like this girl. (As seen at Brana's.)

This is painfully true. Luckily it's also funny. 

Advice to my younger self by Cup of Jo and by yours truly. You might remember this post written some months ago—I still love it!

What happens when a snowstorm hits railway stations. :) 

Ways to boost brainpower. Well, I don't know if it really works, but these are indeed some good advices to live a healthier life. 😉

What I know about Germans. I found a hard copy of this post while decluttering my room—it was our reading at the German culture class some time ago. Gosh, I miss that country!

Will you be the one trying out Hater app?

A surprising way to make eggs for sandwiches. (When there's a crowd waiting to devour those!)

What happened when a little girl got her mother's surname. I loved this.

A mistake is just a moment in time. Yes and yes!

Welcome to Pixar.

And welcome back here, of course! By the way, I published my regular quarterly New Year's Resolutions check-in post two days ago, so you might want to check it out here.

Have a great weekend!


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