Weekend Reads #60

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hello there, I hope you're well!  I came back from Odessa this week, and the journalism workshop I attended was so good! More on Odessa to come. I was really charmed by the city. Once again it was proven: the less expectations you have, the more likely you are to like something. In the meantime, before I prepare a thorough post on Odessa (and Azerbaijan, I know, I know!), you can check out my Instagram for a glimpse of the city. The photo above is of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. With a dash of blue Lada :) Enjoy the links I prepared for you, and of course, enjoy the weekend! 

Four couples decided to live together—and with their kids too. (They all share one shower!) My first thought: crazy. Followed by: not crazy, just different.

Is it time to start a Fuck-It List? (Spoiler alert: yes it is.)

I met Fabian in Odessa, and he led the Visuals track. Take a look at his photo stories.

I packed for 8 days in Odessa in a carry-on suitcase. I felt sooooo proud of myself, but this girl is beating me. (If you want some more down-to-earth advice, you might want to check out this post of mine on packing light.)

Just saw this and had to include it: 10 fun things from the Olympics.

Love, Tihana

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