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Sunday, September 6, 2015

I don't know about you, but when I'm facing someone's birthday, graduation or even wedding, I have NO IDEA what to get them. And it doesn't have to do with how well I know the person. It can be my best friend or my sister, but I'm still paralyzed with cluelessness every freaking time. And when you're friends with many people, that can be troubling. Especially because I do care, and I do want to show them I've given a lot of thought into the idea of a present. 

Maybe somebody over at Tinggly had the same problem, but unlike me, saw it as an inspiration to make something awesome :) And I'm so thankful they did, because I have a great announcement to make today - I'm a Tinggly Ambassador! Woo! But let me explain what this means.

Um, can you start with what Tinggly exactly is? 

Of course! Tinggly is a new company that offers unique gifts for all the travel lovers worldwide - because they offer experiences. You can now buy a specific experience as a gift to someone, or just an experience in general - meaning they get to choose between more than 350 experiences in the whole world!

To name just a few experiences Tinggly offers (and awake your imagination with photos... and mine too!):

a yoga camp in the oldest yoga institute in India

diving with sharks  in the Philippines

cooking classes in Italy, Japan, Thailand or Peru

wine tasting in Germany

...swimming with dolphins, rafting, kayaking, dinner cruises, hikes and pretty much everything you can imagine.

All over the world, have I said that already?!

Interested? I know I am! 

So how does this work?

Basically, you can buy a specific experience, but you can also buy a gift voucher. A voucher has 2 years' validity, which I think is so thoughtful: you don't have to rush somebody to use it and therefore make them feel like it was not really a gift, but rather something they should do. Chances are people are going places in the next two years, so thumbs up for this long period :) And as they covered all the continents and more than 80 countries, it's also very likely you'll find something anywhere you go. Bingo!

Being a Tinggly ambassador means people at Tinggly recognized my honest voice and are now letting me try out some of their offers! I'm so grateful for this and honestly, stoked about it! I cannot wait to review Tinggly experiences and see if they're really as awesome as I hope them to be. Every time I experience something from the Tinggly repertoire, I will write about it here on the blog, and I can promise honest reviews that I hope you could find useful! Also, Tinggly ambassadors can find and suggest new things to be included in the offer, so I've got some ideas about that too. I'll let you know about everything, don't worry :) 

I hope to deliver the first review pretty soon, so stay tuned! And if in doubt about the next perfect present for someone dear to your heart, Tinggly might just be the thing for you.

Talk to you soon - Tihana

This post was brought to you as a part of Tinggly Ambassadorship, but as always, all the opinions stated are my own. 

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