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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hello there lovely people! 

Just wanted to check in - because I haven't for a while, obviously - even though my blogging calendar says I should have SO MANY TIMES. 

I'm 27 today, and what you see in the photo above is my breakfast. That's a weird tradition of mine I've been having for years now. Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit; that's the usual regime, but once a year I get to be silly (in this regard! I'm not talking about anything else :)) and just grab something nice and chocolate-y. Well hello you beautiful day! 

I love my birthday. I get all giggly after September 20th, in the anticipation of my big day. I know birthdays are not a big thing once you're grown up; then again, I've never really felt like a grown up anyway. Well, that's a bad thing probably and I shouldn't have even told you, but there you go.

Of course, my lifestyle has a lot to do with the fact I don't feel like a grown up, but I hope I'm getting there. I still live in a student dorm and I only have a part-time job; I don't really know (heck! I have no idea) where I'll be one year from now, or even six months from now. But I've got tons of ideas and at least I feel something's happening. I'm making it happen. It's not as smooth as I anticipated when I was, say, 15, but it probably never is, is it? (Insert comforting thoughts here.) 

I met a friend yesterday and we were talking about these things. At some point I said I was a "journalist", and then he stopped me, all surprised: "But why are are you using quotation marks? You are one!".
Although I'm not still sure whether I agree with him or not, you guys, you cannot believe how much adrenaline and all kinds of nice feelings this gave me. 

So yeah, that's kind of a long-term plan. I don't know if switching careers is a smart move, but I do know I'm really (and I mean really really REALLY) passionate about this thing. There's also so much about wanting to be a journalist I'm not telling you now - not because I don't want to, but because I should catch a train in about half an hour - that makes me feel so sure this is the right path.

The downsides? Everybody wants to be a journalist. Seriously. And plus, I'm a 27-year-old journalist wannabe who doesn't have a degree in journalism, nor a lot of experience. I feel I'm sooo lagging behind all the 22 and 22-year-olds that know already that's what they want to do.

Then again, age is just a number, isn't it? What counts is the passion and thriving and stuff like that right right right?? Do people from the industry agree??? (Yeah, I know this many question marks shouldn't be a trait of someone who's 27 :))

Let's see what I will say on this subject in a year. 

Have a great day, everyone!

P.S. This blog also had a birthday few days ago. It turned 2, and while it's not a big one, nor a monetized one, in the time when it all seems to be about turning it into an income source, it's still a very dear online place of mine. In fact, it landed me a few writing gigs, albeit not paid, but it could count as building portfolio, right, right? And not to mention some nice people I've met through it that I wouldn't have otherwise. Yep, blogging is awesome. (Especially when you actually blog, and I keep promising myself I'll be more devoted. Speaking of, my "blogging calendar" is not really one; I just have a neat notebook where I write down ideas and a (very flexible, obviously) schedule. Just saying "blogging calendar" makes me feel like a badass.)


Tihana (27)

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