Weekend Reads #26

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hey you people, has the summer begun where you are? We're sweating here. We're dying, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees (Celsius -- that's 86 in Murrica) every day, which is... I don't know, it's not normal in the beginning of June, right? I'm going back to Germany in several days and I hope it'd be easier to breathe there. Although I must admit I wouldn't appreciate the cooold summer like last year. I almost feel British right now: but yes I can talk about the weather all the time! Probably because I'm hard to please in this regard. Does the weather affect your mood as well??

Here are some links for you from around the web. I hope you have a great weekend!

So funny! I think we can all relate with at least some of the parts.

Honest advertising slogans. Which one is your favorite?

I'll never stop talking about how much I love dogs. (And need one.)

Speaking of, you'll want to follow Rafael Montesso on instagram.

An oldie, but probably one of my favorite marketing campaigns ever. Belgrade is anti-poop, pro-butt!

An oldie that never gets old: wonderfully designed Paris vs. New York.

Love, Tihana

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