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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey lovelies,

I just wanted to update you on a... well, on an updated feature of the blog. If you click Travelling from the Link List above, you will now be able to see a neat list of the posts on my travels - so far you could have seen only bunch of posts labelled "travelling", so if you didn't feel like scrolling, you might have missed, for example, some of my favorite posts featuring Finnish Lapland. As for the future travels, I'm hoping to bring you at least two more European countries (and their capitals!) by the end of the year, but more on that soon. ;)

In the meantime, as I said on the Travelling page, some of the places I've been to didn't receive much of my attention to get to the blog (which is by no means their fault, only mine!), but they did find their way to my Instagram profile! So if you want to stay updated on where I'm roaming, follow me and drop me a line there to make sure I check out your profile - I love finding new inspirational Instagram people!

You can also like my Facebook page (and make me happy yay! and make sure you're among the first ones to see when the new posts are out) or follow me on Bloglovin. I'm a huge fan of Bloglovin and if you follow a number of blogs, it's a perfect way to stay organized and not have too many bookmarked websites. I, for example, pay a visit to the blogs I follow on Sundays, and since I started using Bloglovin I don't have to visit each blog separately to see if there are new posts. Cheers to the saved seconds!

And last but not least, if you're more into the 140 characters social network, you can follow me on Twitter in Serbian or English. I really blabber a lot in Serbian - I typed so much over the past few years on Twitter that I could've easily published a book instead. Or two.

Hope to see you around!

Love, Tihana


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