Berlin Summer Market

Friday, August 29, 2014

I like clicking "attend" to various Berlin events on Facebook just to keep them there and know what's going on in the city - but truth be told, I rarely actually attend. Most of the times I'm busy, but it also happens that I'm just not in the right mood. Last Wednesday it almost happened that I missed this thing, but in matter of minutes I packed my tote bag and decided I'm heading out. And I was so glad afterwards!

The thing we're talking about here was Berlin Summer Market. Hipster kingdom. Fashion & arts market. Place of the cool kids. It took place at an amazing venue that I'm looking forward to exploring by day, and I will because it's THAT awesome! (What I love about Berlin is that I keep stumbling upon great new places/things, but that's another story.)

Bunch of creative people selling their stuff (and not only stuff - a marmelade made of Club Mate?! Hell yeah!) and fashionistas browsing around and having their drinks from fancy wine glasses. Glass or plastics? I don't know - I admit I only bought a smoothie. The energy was amazing! Those of you who live in Belgrade are familiar with the concept - it was much alike Moda za poneti (Takeaway Fashion, held monthly in KC Grad), but yet A LOT bigger! Dare I say cooler? Probably not, I like Takeaway Fashion. :)

I never should have doubted that Berlin has an event like this, I mean - it's SO Berlin! On the other hand, it didn't feel well not to be able to buy anything - but you know guys, I'm moving to the Netherlands in a month, it wouldn't really be a good idea! If that weren't the case, I would have totally bought a Berlin-themed tote bag. Or a cushion. Or a framed postcard. Or... you get the point. 
Maybe I should have gotten a tattoo. I even have a pretty good idea of what I should get and where. But that'll wait a bit. Oh yeah mom, I'm getting a tatoo at some point. Bye :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Love, Tihana

P.S. I'm travelling to Italy pretty soon for the first time in my life, so if you have any recommendations - what to see, where to go, feel free to drop me a line! So far the plan is to go to Naples-Rome-Florence-Sienna-Pisa-Venice-Milan, but let's just say it's an open one. Looking forward to your ideas!


  1. Germany does markets like no other! This looks like tons of fun, and what a neat venue.

    1. Hi Amanda, welcome and thanks for the comment! :) Oh, it obviously does - I've heard and read about Christmas markets, too bad I won't be here to see them myself! This one was indeed fun, and I'm also preparing a post on this neighborhood, so stop by some time soon! :)


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