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Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello there everyone! I just cannot BELIEVE that the first half of the year is gone already. These 6 months have gone by so quickly. I guess it has to do with moving countries and constant travelling (11 flights!), plus excitements of all kinds, and I apologize to my Mom once again for not contacting her in a while - June began and it feels as if the day after it was July 1st already, it's crazy, sorry Mom, I love you the most!

So here is the recap of the last two months in Instagram photos.

There aren't as many photos as usually because I only made a few in May. But if I continue with my regular pace, I was thinking of breaking Instagram posts into monthly routine, instead of posting them every two months.

In the photos above you can see pieces of Bavaria. In late May I visited my friend Erna, who was a flatmate of mine back in Belgrade, and who now lives in Regensburg. She was complaining about me not doing a Regensburg post, but as I explained it to her already: I was having such a good time that I simply forgot about taking photos. It doesn't mean that I usually don't have fun on my travels :), but honestly, this was the case. Erna and her flatmate were lovely hosts and I enjoyed my stay very much. So in the first photo (clockwise) you can see German windmills - they're everywhere - then a bit of Erna's room, then baby Danube, as I called it - because it's really much smaller than in Belgrade, and much quicker - and a detail from Nuremberg. Ok, I must admit this looks weird. This is in fact the first time I've used its English name - usually I just stick with Nürnberg. :) 

Bits and pieces of Berlin. You might have figured how much I love this city so far. :) People from Potsdam who are lazier than me ask me why I go to Berlin so often (I managed to go there 9 days in a row - ok, that was a bit tiring). Do I need a reason?! It's just the coolest and the most vibrant capital of Europe, and I happen to live nearby. Seriously...

During one of my Berlin trips, I stumbled upon the Berlin Wall Memorial. A highly touching place. I'll probably post more about this soon.

Everyday nice things. Well, ok, the chocolate was supposed to be nice, but it's too much cocoa - a really bitter one. I usually like dark chocolate, but I'd say 85% is my max. Lana Del Rey concert ticket - I was sooo excited to go. I'm still into flowers and I love how they brighten up my desk. Tulips are gone now, I went for carnations this time and I hope to avoid peonies because my Instagram feed is full of those! I also couldn't resist this cute frame with this card - oh, the nice things in Home Depot, it's heaven!! The cute hearts bowl is from Butlers - another heaven. We don't have such nice places in Serbia, so now I'm trying to compensate by buying every cute thing I lay my eyes on. And somehow I just don't want to think that I'd be changing countries twice more in the next 12 months.

More of Berlin. The screen is from the subway - it's usually ads, but then it announces when the train is approaching, haha. The construction works are in the center of the city (they're doing something with one of the metro lines) and I loved the little peep windows. Alice Hills is a Berlin musician I wrote about here (she's on a busking tour currently, so if you live or will be in Spain, France or Italy, check this out). And Ludnica? It's a place in Neukölln - a Berlin neighborhood - where they play Balkan music. The name, translated from Balkan languages, means "the madhouse", but when something is completely awesome, we also say it's "ludnica". It was so funny to find this in Berlin. 

These are from my trip to Warsaw (you could read about it here and here). You probably know already that I'm trying out Starbucks in every country possible to see how good they are in perceiving and writing my name. The Polish are great, obviously!

Everyday stuff, again. The more I use English, the more I feel I don't know. Especially when it comes to vocabulary. So I started writing the unknown words down when I first encounter them and pasting them onto one of the posters above my desk, hoping that if I see them often enough, they'll stick to my memory and then move to my active knowledge. It actually works! I started reading The Game of Thrones - but I think it's too early to tell if I like it. I haven't been cooking as much as I thought I would be, but I made these amazing appetizers that I found on BlessTheWeather blog. So easy to make but so delicious! I also found an interesting place to blog - it's a cafe in Potsdam called Waschbar, and apart from being a cafe it's also a laundry place so people actually bring their laundry there and then have a coffee or a drink while waiting for it to be done! How cool is that?!

Girly stuff. The three things I picked up in DM are the three most wonderful smelling things ever. I've only been using the TreacleMoon shower gel so far (yeah, DM makes me buy things I don't need atm, but hey, I will be needing them, right?? Thumbs up if you're a girl and know what I'm talking about. Plus, DM in Germany is cheaper than back home, so somehow I always end up with a full basket). And trust me - it has a huuuge disadvantage - you want to eat it! It smells so nice it makes you think you're at the seaside, sun caressing your skin while you can smell coconut on it (because you're responsible and always use sunscreen), indulging in some piña coladas... mmmm... and then you have to step out of the shower. Bummer. (I'm a baby blogger so I didn't get a euro cent to say this. So, it really is THAT good.)

The "I Miss You" graffiti is from Tempelhof park in Berlin where I went with Erna, mentioned above. Yes, she visited me back. Another asphalt graffiti is a #tbt from Paris.

The first one is from a really nice and newly opened place in Berlin - Neni. Actually it would be nice(r) if they had nicer waiters. After me and my friends had eaten, we were almost forced to get out, which would've been understandable if the place had been crowded, but it was half-empty. Ok, mistakes happen, so I might go there once more just to test it - and let you know if the service improved. The second you can probably tell - Lana Del Rey, of course, at her concert. I loved loved loved it! It was a bit too short, but I really enjoyed it. The third photo is of another interesting discovery in Berlin - Supermarket, a Belgrade concept store that just opened in Berlin in May! I love this place in Belgrade, and it was amazing to find out we now have it here in Berlin too! And the last one was taken just before the Germany-USA football match. You have never met anyone who cares less about football than me. But you know what they say: when in Rome... I love it how the Germans are crazy about the FIFA World Cup, the flags are everywhere! So... go, Germany!

Sending you hugs - enjoy the weekend! And if you liked this post, don't forget to follow me on Instagram :) also, as of recently, you can follow me on Twitter - I started tweeting in English - and on Bloglovin. See you there!


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