Turned an Airport into a Park (And Got Away with It)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Have you ever taken off and wondered how it would be to be outside on the runway? Have you thought to yourself that it would make an amazing place to skate or ride a bicycle? Well, if so, you're not crazy - runways do seem like great places to do such things. There is one airport in the world where you can actually do it - and it's in Berlin.

Well, at least it WAS an airport before - namely Tempelhof Airport. Which is kinda strange if you think about it - it's actually in the city, and it closed in 2008 - pretty recently. Anyway, when it closed, the city reclaimed its space for public use. So on a nice day you can see Berliners rush there to ride their bikes, in-line skate, walk, jog... Tempelhof also has places for dogs to run free and not bother the visitors or be a danger to anyone. There are also some BBQ areas. But windy days also offer some fun in the Tempelhof park - kite flying, for example.

It's even possible to rent the airport building if you're organizing an event - a party, a fashion show? For those more into growing their own food, Tempelhof offers urban gardening section. A totally cool and unconventional relaxation site. It's where I took my friend Erna when she visited me and she loved it!

So if you happen to visit Berlin, or live here already, and want a relaxed little stroll away from the city noise but still not too far away, you might want to check Tempelhof out! It's open daily and can be easily reached via public transport



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