30 Days, 4 Countries, 6 Cities

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The title sounds as if it's some kind of a competition or a mission; but it has been pretty much my life from the end of September till the end of October. And I loved it!

I love Instagram. It captures all the lovely moments that make life. Friends, destinations, coffee. It captures joy.

That's why I love finding new inspiring people to follow. If you do know some cool Instagram profiles, please let me know. I'll gladly share my favorites with you in some of the following posts.

Clokwise: a book about shoes in German. Had to buy this at the Mauerpark market, even though I cannot read it!
Hope I would in spring; eating sandwich without a plate... so internationalstudent-ish; hipster panties!;
water for free in DM.

Oh, how I miss fall outfits without jacket or a coat!; dots, stripes & Oreo; the dorm in Potsdam I lived in;
my very very very first Vogue!!! :D

Well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - namely selfie; Berlin; chocolate Berlin Bear; babies I purchased
on one of my numerous trips to Berlin

The most beautiful railway station ever - Sanssouci Bahnhof, Potsdam; street art in Potsdam; coffee explained;
palace at the Park Sanssouci

A birthday surprise on my door! And a completely sinful birthday dinner

Berlin on my last day in Germany: the main railway station; Fernsehturm; Alexanderplatz

Sweets on a fair at the Alexanderplatz Square; Rottes Rathaus

All set! Packing was easy this time... I wonder what it's going to look like in February, after five months
 in Finland and a variety of blankets, pillows, cutlery, dishes, clothes...

Moving weekend, stop 1: Helsinki. The Cathedral; sunset; the Cathedral at nightime; Dušica on the way to the harbour

Next stop: Tallinn! Approaching Tallinn; a bar called Helsinki; approaching Tallinn, once more;
a lunch at a Serbian restaurant

Final stop: Joensuu! My room being completely empty. Nevermind, I had a reminder what to buy (in English:
bed, pillow, duvet or blanket or something, desk, chair, table, lamp, bicycle, plate, mug, bowl);
and the first things purchased were, of course, the most important ones: mugs, coffee and milk.

My home in Joensuu; brush for the dishes - it felt so inefficient at first, now I'm completely used to it;
my room after having bought everything from the list; and after settling down, I could start learning Finnish.

Inevitable evidence that the autumn is here! And autumn always precedes winter. Which is quite cold here,
so I better get myself a hat. A detailed description of my despair on this topic here. But you can get
through the autumn - maybe even winter? - with a healthy breakfast and some delicious tea.

Mumin! Typically Finnish. Another ways to beat the cold: finding beauty around yourself, getting help
by surrounding yourself with some pink (or even more than necessary), falling in love.

Or travelling! Finnish colors; beautiful landscape; sunset over Helsinki; and finally Saint Petersburg, Russia

...where you can enjoy traditional Russian borsch and blini, see cyrillic street table after two months,
go to the ballet and find out that Zaz, the French singer, is popular not only in Serbia

...stay in a hotel named after Dostoevsky, have a coffee to go in a funny paper mug, find Nikola Tesla badge
and explain to your friend who the other people are... so that, based on your knowledge
of Russian poets and scientists, the salesmen thinks you're Russian. :) and then discover
the loveliest cafe in the world!

And then you come back to Finland, only to be welcomed by snow in the middle of October. And you struggle
and struggle to make your life more positive, but what is the point of life when you get covered in snow?...
Especially when you compare the temperatures in Finland to those back in Serbia. 

There's nothing much to be done, actually. Just keep going forward. Joensuu is colorful, Joensuu is beautiful,
Joensuu is fun, and it goes good with me. (Yes, it's reindeer meat in the picture and no, I don't know
 if I feel sorry because it tasted really good. Sorry, Santa! Anyway, I ate it with homemade proja (ME-made!)
and ajvar, the latter being the one of the best things Serbian cuisine has to offer.)

Talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by. :*



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