Weekend Reads #107

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Hi! I'm obviously in that place again where I cannot manage to publish weekend reads on Fridays. Oh, well. Maybe you too have something better to do on Friday than reading on the computer? Or a phone... I had to mention phones for the sake of being inclusive of all devices visiting this blog, though I find phones to be such a hassle in this regard. Almost everything that I do online is done on my laptop, and it rarely even includes a desk :) Hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are! (And whatever device you use to read this!) Here are the links to some interesting reads.

Haha, do you have an unfluencer?

I did poorly on this climate change quiz.

How to rebuild good habits.

An analytical approach to friendships. I still don’t know what to make of it—it sounds a bit cold, but if you’re me and typically have such a wide network that it will be around a month before you see that one friend next time, it might make sense!

Books are a-changing, and reading them may resemble scrolling.

 A road to acceptance: How I learned to look like myself

Thanks for reading—talk to you soon!


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