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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Oh, hello there! How are you? How have been things going for you? This year is obviously the worst one in terms of me taking care of this lil online space of mine—I even let my domain expire before I paid for the renewal. But, here I am, and here we are. My time in New Zealand is coming to a close, and it's finally time to share some of my travels and impressions of the country with you! But before that, here's another enormous stash of cool links I wanted to share with you. Sorry if some of them are a bit old—don't get me started on that time I didn't have a computer because it broke. :) So... enjoy your weekend!

A beautiful story on a relationship between a sister and a brother. (Heads up: half a dozen links from NYT this time, remember my tip from the last post.)

The creative process of the creative process: a 7-minute video about a guy who had an idea and didn't sit still until he made it a reality. Like!

This person is supportive of womanspreading.

Warren Buffet gets daily breakfast allowance. This is so powerful if you ask me. This is also what I think we people with far less money than Warren should incorporate, but I doubt anybody around me would agree. My friends just spend money they have (if it means having the money for fancy cheeses, nice wines, raspberries in January). I get the temptation, of course, but I think that behavior's damaging in the long term. (What do you think??)

The most famous fairy tale you haven't heard. Remember the short fairy tales for the modern woman from the last post? This one is something similar, and it has sold millions of copies worldwide. Don't miss it.

Still in the fairy tale realm: if apples had teeth. What lovely illustrations!

"I grew up around Korean beauty products; Americans, you’ve been had." Haha! This was so relieving to read. "No one had ever heard of such a thing as a 12-step regime."

How good are you with recognizing national dishes? How about national symbols? Or even national animals?

This guy knits sweaters with famous landmarks and then poses in front of them (landmarks!) in said sweaters?!?!!? Not sure whether adorable or freaky. (Leaning to adorable.)

Be patient with that friend who always cancels—they might have social anxiety. I kind of don't really want to say "wow that's me" but then again sometimes it is. I loved reading this and feeling like I'm not a complete weirdo.

A story on one of America’s last pencil factories is cool because of the two things: firstly, it's an interesting report of something you probably never thought was worth reporting; and secondly, because it has awesome photos.

Another thorough, backed-by-science NYT "how to": how to have a better relationship.

One from the Winter Olympics: Finns seen knitting in between games and practices. I loved this, because I know it is true. Back when I studied in Finland, local students would come to class, listen to the lecturer and knit.

The movie inspired by this is coming out this year and I cannot wait: a group of friends played tag for 23 years!

The data behind Hollywood's sexism, or how much women are represented on screen. (Shockingly little.)

"Am I gay or straight? Maybe this fun quiz will tell me." Loved it. "I took all those quizzes hoping to be told I was gay and feeling let down whenever the answer came back that I wasn’t. Why didn’t I ever think wanting it to be true was answer enough?"

I showed this arrangement to a work colleague and said "Look how beautiful!", while he said "What?! It's awful!" Where do you stand? :)

How one sport is keeping a language, and a culture, alive. Always an interesting read for a linguist (that would be me!), and a bunch of others as well :)

How the Parthenon would look reconstructed—along with 6 other world ruins.

A story on a small kindness. I might have teared up.

A safari in Tanzania—love, love, love the photos!

A beautiful 4-minute animation for International Women's Day. (Some find it sad, I just thought it was beautiful.)

Brace for impact—half an hour video on making different shapes of pasta by hand. Half an hour, you might say, isn't that going a bit overboard? I KNOW! But I barely blinked. What's not to love about pasta?

Things I’ll do differently when I’m old—a short story on lists, aging, parents and making errors. I liked it very much. Will we turn into our parents eventually?

To finish off with a bounce: cat bounce! Haha. So stupid it's fun.

Have a good one, friends!


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