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Saturday, April 21, 2018

I was told some people missed my Weekend Reads. I missed sharing my finds as well. Sometimes I wouldn't read anything significant. Other times I just didn't feel like writing, but kept on reading. That's why I have a million links for you today:) 

Do you bookmark things? I do. I bookmark my heart out. As a matter of fact, up to quite recently, I had 13 folders (!) and 54 subfolders. It is mad. I thought it was just a way of staying organized. But is it really staying organized if the majority of the subfolders are never being looked at again?

That's why lately I've been deleting my bookmarks... honestly, with much more attention than I had when bookmarking them. I would bookmark without giving it a second thought. That's why deleting is hard: is it something important? Should it be read? It probably should as I once thought it was important! But the greatest pleasure I've been finding in simply deleting the bookmarked pages. The pleasure is even greater, if possible, when I genuinely want to read the page, but see it's not that relevant or interesting.

So here's what I have to tell you: I will include a bunch of web pages here, but please don't feel forced to read them. Anytime. If they don't seem interesting now, they probably never will. And that's okay, just like it's normal that you won't like everything I post, nor that everybody would like the same things. That's why I will try to include a broader description than I usually do, so you don't waste your time. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Reading shouldn’t be something that happens to you. It should be something that you actively do. An excellent piece on (not) having the time to read. It also aligns a lot with my thoughts lately. Dunja told me recently that she had stopped reading online. It prompted me to unfollow a number of blogs I checked out on a regular basis even though they weren't particularly interesting nor meaningful.

You probably know what POC stands for. I don't know where I found this, but it's a website showing creatives of color—people of craft. Lovely initiative and so much good design!

When even the "for dummies" versions of something make your brain swell... here's a 6-minute video on time travel in fiction.

Biomimicry: turning birds into bullet trains. A 7-minute video on how and why designers turn to nature and copy what already works.

Increasing human healthspan (as opposed to lifespan). A 7-minute video by Kurzgesagt—I love that channel. (But don't ever remember to follow it or deliberately type it into the YouTube browser, so thanks Kottke.)

Oh my god—there is a forest in Norway that is going to become a library one day... in a hundred years! And the books are being written for it as we speak, and will continue over the century! Be still my heart. (5-minute video)

I hadn't heard of freeports before. There's one in Geneva that contains the largest art collection in the world, and it cannot be visited. Wow! (11-minute video)

For us who love pretty things: a minute-long video on similar objects.

Well, this one is obviously not timely. A piece on coming home for Thanksgiving and family actually. (By the way, it's New York Times. If you're not subscribed, you are only allowed ten free articles per month. There's a way to escape this limitation though... I won't guide you through this but let's just say do what you would do if you wanted to hide from the website.)
And another one: on not coming home for Thanksgiving.

Okay, this is very self-improving-ish and I'm not sure where you are when it comes to that, but I don't like the self-improvement BS, and this one I liked, so... the most important things a travel blogger has learned in her life.

Another one not timely but so, so, so beautiful (I think all my Twitter followers know how much I love Mari Andrew): New Years' Resolutions. (And all-time resolutions, if you ask me! Okay, apart from the classics, I will never admit I will not read them, and always will keep them in my to-read lists.)

So that's also why this one hurt: New Year's resolutions versus New Year's realities.

The most hilarious (really!) wildlife photos of 2017. That hamster!!! Those churchgoing penguins!!!

How to get goosebumps in two minutes: what we searched on Google in 2017.

What a beautiful and sensible quote on relationships.

NYT How-To column. Some of these will really make you laugh, others you might find useful.

Realistic birth announcementsso funny! "I love him more than I have ever loved anything, but if you subbed him out with any baby from the nursery I honestly would not notice."

Why women are morbid—a very, very good short read.

A long, interesting and somewhat saddening read: a generation in Japan faces a lonely death.

When I read this back in December, it made me so proud as if I was actually a Neapolitan. No, just really in love with the Neapolitan pizza! It’s official: Naples pizza is one of civilization’s glories.

The tail end... on how much more life we're left, and some interesting takeaways. You should know this is a piece by Wait But Why and hopefully it will make you not miss this one.

High design pies have taken over the Instagram and how could they have not, look at these photos!

Speaking of pies: this was as if it came from my own soul: Dear Americans, I'm fed up with your stupid cup measurements! Yes, yes, yes.

From NYT: Are high heels headed for a tumble? I hope so! On a more serious note, an article from the wonderful feminist publication, Feminist Current: Stop glamorizing the pain of high heels.

Haha—The Simpsons house reimagined in 8 different architectural styles. And every time you can tell it indeed is The Simpsons house.

Have smartphones destroyed a generation? If this sounds like something your boring uncle would say, bear with me: the read is actually very good and backed up by research. However, it is very long, so if you're not in the mood... though I wish you were.

A lovely story on being single. (I actually like everything Caroline Donofrio writes on Cup of Jo.)

I don't share many things on my personal Facebook anymore but I did share this beautiful 4-minute video.

To end on a self-develop-ish note, straight from the New York Times: how to be happy and how to be a better person.

Talk to you soon—I have tons of other links to share :) 

Love, Tihana

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