25 Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When you think of 2017, what do you see?

I don't know exactly. I was sure my 2015 would be better than 2014, and it didn't happen. I believed I could make 2016 anything I wanted it to be, but it sucked big time. So I'm now being cautious and not setting an intention of a great year. But if I can stick to my resolutions and just do some little things I will enjoy, it cannot be a bad one. So, here's what I'm looking forward to this year. Anything you can think of? Think small. Think big. There are probably some awesome things, or just nice things, that are ahead of you.
Spoiler alert: mine are not burgers, despite what the featuring photo says. But then again...

1. New Personal Records in the gym.

2. Time with my sister and her dog.

3. Cooking with my Mom.

4. A big trip I have in my mind.

5. Also: beach in December.

6. Japan, because that'a a cool crazy plan I have.

7. Spending time with friends I decided are super important because I love them and because they are the best.

8. Being brave enough to not spend time with those that are not important.

9. Scribbling away on my blog.

10. Crossing items off my imaginary or not so imaginary list of books to read and movies to watch, meeting all the wonderful characters and loving them and being annoyed with them.

11. New season of Game of Thrones!!!

12. New season of Orange Is The New Black.

13. Learning about photography, marketing, writing, and who knows what else may pop into my mind.

14. Eating sushi. (I'm not really a sushi lover, but I get major sushi cravings once or twice a year.)

15. Watching Life In A Year. (Remember my Things To Do In December? I've only reached S03 of Gilmore Girls so far.)

16. Reading an amazing book my sister got me for my birthday.

17. Reading Humans of New York book that my friend got me for my birthday last year.

18. Doing yoga again, because it's a cheaper version of a spa treatment. 🙈

19. Staying in way more than it's socially acceptable for a girl in her late twenties.

20. Coffee, because of course I'm happy about around 180 liters of coffee I'll indulge in this year.

21. 5k race I'll either run in Belgrade in April, or somewhere else in the world, as a support to a friend. :)

22. Thinking of new and creative ways to make money. (Nothing illegal, promise!)

23. Actually making money.

24. Avocado, salmon, cottage cheese and other things that are either super expensive or non-existent in Serbia.

25. You.

Hope I gave you some ideas. ;) Love, Tihana

Photo: Unsplash

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