Weekend Reads #54

Saturday, June 18, 2016

In latest news from the Fairytale Land... I lost my phone. I lost my beautiful golden liked-by-everyone phone that I only had for less than a year (and that's SO LITTLE because I use my phones until they are dead and done). I lost my phone that had a broken screen, and why did it have a broken screen, because I didn't have the funds to repair it. Well, here's the silver lining: I don't need to repair it anymore. I am at the moment using my dad's old phone and it sucks and using it literally HURTS, because it has a keyboard with REAL KEYS and my fingertips haven't been using keys on a phone since 2009.
Rant over. On a similar note though, do you happen to need a writer, a translator, an editor, anyone who does anything with words? Well, you're looking at the right person's blog! Hit the "Contact" tab, feed the piggy bank and sponsor my next electricity bill. 

Yep, this might just be what hitting the bottom looks like. Anyway, here are some links you might enjoy, find intriguing or interesting.

Last week I failed to mention the "Brock case". I don't think there's anything else I could say, especially not after the powerful letter of the victim to her assaulter, John Biden's open letter to her, and an open letter of one woman to her coworker.

"Orlando: To be outed in the worst possible way."

I need to start doing this so badly. Like, it's THE ONE Internet trend I think really makes sense. (Sorry, journaling, sorry, switching from coffee to tea, sorry, gratitude thoughts and notes...)  

On a new phenomenon in dating: benching. Argh, don't you just hate social media sometimes?!

Broken heart from the perspective of a neuroscientist, both academically and from the experience.

An awesome talk on what atheists can learn from religion. Worth watching!

For all of you bike loving people out there.

Best thing I've read this week! 

If you want to help someone within your means, here's an idea on how to spend 5 euros. Or 10. Or whatever sum. 

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends. Sending you love.

(You might respond in cash. Haha I know, this is the lamest joke ever.)


photo: Unsplash

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