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Thursday, September 25, 2014

So far I've been trying to show you Berlin in photos and words, and I hope I've been at least a bit successful in a way that you thought 'oh, this looks interesting / worth visiting'. Today, a few weeks before I'd leave Germany, I'm bringing you some songs with videos filmed in Berlin. I think it started when my friend posted a Seeed video you'll find below, and then I started watching related videos, playlists and such. Over time I've come up with this li'l list of mine of songs I enjoy both because of the music and the videos. I hope you like it!

This video by Alle Farben for the song She Moves (Far Away) was filmed in Tempelhof during a music festival. Doesn't it look just relaxed and as if it's possible not to have any worries in life?! If you like the song, you can also find the official video here.

Seeed - Dickes B. This is the video that started the avalanche! I saw it in April, and even though my understanding of the lyrics is very, very poor, I couldn't help being completely in love with the video because I kept recognizing the neighborhoods of Berlin! I know this one - Warschauer Strasse - aaah, look, Alexanderplatz - oh the subway - oh Kottbusser Tor - and so on. And it remained my favorite for a very long time! You can also see Berliner Dom, Potsdamer Platz, East Side Gallery... I hope you recognize these too, at least from my photos! With so many rooftop views and underground, this video is pure Berlin. Which equals pure love.

Celina Bostic was actually performing at TEDTalks Conference in June that I attended, so I looked her up afterwards. The girl has a really good voice. If you can be patient and get through her attempts of acting in this video for the song Papa, you'll be awarded with Berlin moments. The song is, by the way, women's response to the common male statement that all the women are the same - except for their moms.

Andreas Bourani's video for the song Auf uns features Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, my favorite Fernsehturm, various neighborhoods, Berlin lakes, skyline... and simple but precious moments in life. Probably Berliners', but apparently we all value them equally.

And here comes my absolute favorite! Once I heard this song, I kept it on repeat for days and I would have loved it even if it had come without a video - but once I realized it's actually filmed in Berlin, I fell in love even more, if that was even possible! Somehow it matches my vision of Berlin - youth and joy and fun and alcohol and sun. And U-bahn. And sunsets with Fernsehturm in background. Oh, just see it yourself!
(Speaking of youth as 'typical for Berlin', a friend recently told me she actually gets surprised every time she sees old people on public transport - "Then I remember, oh yeah, there are also old people living in Berlin!". Funny but true.)

Seems like Berlin musicians really love the city! :) And here come some bonus videos as well.

This one by Sido is not really Berlin-related (ok it is, but only for a few seconds - so it's basically insignificant). But it is celebration of love in so many different forms (the name itself translates as 'love'), and it makes it so warm and worth watching.

After this song popped up in different YT playlists I got a bit annoyed, but it's okay for one listening/watching. Not too many Berlin moments, but the rapper was once a male model, so that might make up for the lack of Berlin. :)

I'm really curious about which one of these is YOUR favorite, so please comment! Do you also get excited when you can recognize places in video clips and movies?



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