Weekend Reads #111

Friday, December 27, 2019

Ah, the beauty of remembering AND having the time to hit Publish on Fridays! I wish I were able to devote more time to this piece of the Web. I often feel guilty to failing to do the most basic of things, curating interesting reads for you. This does take more time than writing things from scratch! (Though don't underestimate the amount of things I read on a weekly basis—only a small percentage ends up here!) As always, I want to promise myself I would do better next year, but this time, with a full time job and hobbies and social life, I really can't. But I can try at least. Also, I'd love an input from you. What do you want to read? I was thinking of travel, as always, but also introducing bits and bobs regarding financial literacy and managing finance, as this is something I've grown to be passionate about. Would that be of interest to you? Hit me up here or on Twitter or wherever you can find me :) And since this is the last time I'm talking to you in 2019, well, have a good time for the New Year's Eve! :)

What we searched for this year. Don't you just LOVE these videos from Google?!

How to defuse tension at the dinner table during the holidays. Sorry if this arrived late for you! Bookmark it for the next year then, and hang in there! 

Why do some children become readers and what can you do about it?

How to stop looking at your phone, with practical steps.

Well, it seems that things do get better with age!

Honest translations of work emails! Yesss, so good!

The deep sea—just wow!

In 1989, the most popular name for girls was Jessica. Washington Post visited ten different Jessicas across the country. Loved the read, they’re all so different from one another, as one would expect.

This is worth a movie!

Love you all!


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