Weekend Reads #105

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Hello, lovely people! How's it going? I couldn't wait for the weekend and I'm off for brunch now, followed by the exhibition by Marina Abramović. Lemme take a moment and thank the universe for the job I have now, because I get to have two days off, unlike when I was freelancing! Anyway, enough about me... here are the links I prepared for you this week. Hope you enjoy them!

The rise of granny panties makes me so happy you wouldn’t believe it!

Menstrual shaming still exists, and it’s dangerous.

How to ethically buy souvenirs (or how to avoid “made in China” trinkets).

Haha, backlash to the PSL or pumpkin spice latte—years ago, I thought I was the only “hater” of the drink!

Yes to this!! Read it if you've believed accumulated toxins and juice cleanses make sense.

If dogs went to costume balls.

Why do new moms want to ignore advice from seasoned moms? I’m not one, obviously, but loved this read!

A lengthy but great and useful read: how to help someone with a depression.

Finally, someone said it! (Btw, Cup of Jo readers had many different comments on this... I wonder what my readers think!)

Modern Love becomes a TV series!!! You know how much I love that column! Yay!

Have a great weekend,


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