Weekend Reads #104

Friday, October 11, 2019

I remember being eight years old and telling my Mom how strange it is that I look at photos of myself as a baby and I'm ALREADY EIGHT. She said yes, but imagine looking at those photos when you're twenty! That seemed like a distant future back then, but she also told me that the older you get, the faster the time goes by, and said that, for example, summer vacations had lasted way longer when she was in school than they did at that moment. For some reason, I remembered this observation of hers and this is all to say... yes, time flies now, and yes, last Friday was definitely not seven days ago???? More like yesterday? 

Anyway, here are the links for this weekend... hope you like them. Have a great one!

Haha this is such a fun photoshoot. (At least for us as viewers – not sure how fun it was to shoot! Ouch!)

This was a Pride month read, but relevant all year round: how to be an ally in the office.

The importance of socializing for parents, or why they shouldn’t miss on entertaining.

I am very wary of what kind of self-help reads I consume and recommend, given that most is BS. Here’s something I thought wasn’t bad: how to find inspiration in your daily life.

Self-care while traveling—super important!

What burdens is the other person carrying? It's nice to remind yourself of this sometimes.

The case of the western breakfast. (While it’s a good article, I must emphasize I sometimes eat pizza leftovers for breakfast. Come on, don’t you?!)



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