Weekend Reads #97

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Hello everyone. I was told two days ago that I’m not the most reliable of people, which I took as an insult because to me “not the most reliable” equals to “unreliable”. (I was also told that it doesn’t.) Why am I saying this? Because I have so much content for Weekend Reads planned so that I only need to write Intro on Fridays, but alas, yesterday was reserved for a deep-ish cleaning of my apartment and I kind of forgot to do this. So, here we are… on a Saturday. How’s everyone? I had a  back massage just this morning and I feel like floating on a cloud. If you get the chance, book one for yourself! Anyway, here's what links I think you might find interesting....

Here's what happened when a woman stopped drinking for a year.

Some cool products that make traveling easier.

A weekly meeting might be a great idea if you're living with your partner and feeling you're not on the same page when it comes to chores. (Mental workload, anyone?)

What it cost to be smuggled across the border to the US. Whoa. Great article, following an illegal immigrant on his journey.

On dying linens with natural color, a practice in Japan that was almost lost.

How do you think about death? I had my share of those thoughts surrounding my mom's passing. Afterwards, though, I just kind of continued NOT thinking about death.

I loved loved loved this short movie! It's about a ten-meter tower above a pool somewhere in Sweden, and people who want to jump, are scared to jump, contemplate jumping, etc. etc.

This is the age when your self-esteem peaks.

"You have to watch this show!" Haha, this is definitely me. (If you ask me, you have to watch Handmaid's Tale, but you're already watching it, right? Right???)

I should reread this and remember it—on canceling plans and rescheduling, and why we shouldn't.

Do you know what synesthesia is? There are several types—it's when you experience things with more than one sense—and this artist is able to see music. So she paints it.

That's all, folks—see you next time! Have a great weekend. Love you all (at this point I wonder if it even makes sense to write in English because not sure any non-Serbian speakers are reading this at all???).


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