Weekend Reads #82

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello there! What's on your agenda this weekend? I'm feeling overwhelmed with the heat so I spend a good chunk of the day watching TLC. Guilty pleasures, eh? I hope to see some humans tomorrow, that'd be nice. In the meantime, it's just ice cream and chill. And here are some links from around the web if you have some spare time.

This is just one of the most adorable animal videos I've found recently!

A beautiful and heart-warming story of coming out to parents.

How internalised misogyny is holding us back. I think this is the most important read you'll encounter this week, month or even year, because it matters so much. It matters even if you're male, but especially, I cannot stress this enough, especially if you're female.

Have you heard of the game Everything? So interesting.

I really enjoyed this video on history of tea.

Gender is not a spectrum. Surprised? Then read.

What bullets do to bodies: interesting and frightening.

Beautiful photos of Uzbekistan, as never seen before. (At least I haven't!)

The thing that surprised Joanna Goddard the most about her marriage. This was fun to read! I wonder what other surprising things people found out when they got married or moved in with their SO.

Should you peel a kiwi? Spoiler alert: you don't have to! I know, I was like WHAT!!! the whole time!

Have a great weekend!

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