Weekend Reads #81

Friday, June 23, 2017

Hello there! I've been quiet for some time here, and honestly, I would just rather sit and stare at another meaningless website than focus on writing. It's just so hot. (And the cheese pie in the oven doesn't help. Why on Earth do I bake a pie on a hot day? God knows.) I am super slow and my sleeping routine is a mess and I'm not sure how to fix it. (Ideas, anyone??) Anyway, here's an attempt to be normal on a Friday. Weekend Reads, y'all. Enjoy!

Let's stop with the "sorry for the delayed response". (Yaass, please!)

I am in love with this video. (But when I showed it to my Dad, he was shocked with what I was supposedly doing: browsing the Internet doing nothing. Generation gap!)

A personal essay that involves a therapist, healing a broken heart and Tinder dating, but I think its take home message is so much more: be clear and open about what you want from the other person.

One of my favorite recent reads: on mental load women have even when their male partners help (or "help") in household chores. If you're reading one of these links today, let it be this one.

Some pretty powerful facts and figures about your own family that make you feel small and big at the same time.

What the strongest man in the world eats in a day. I cannot believe he finds it troublesome! :sigh:

Do you still talk on the phone? I'm not really sure when and why, but my attitude towards speaking on the phone changed at one point. This summarizes it: “A phone call feels as invasive as someone knocking on your front door uninvited. If you’re going to call me, you’d better text me first and tell me why!” YES!

My family's slave
. A true story on a woman who did work in the house and raised kids without ever being paid for what she did. I found it incredible that this took place in the 20th century in the US. It's a bit long but so worth the time!

Have a great weekend, everyone. 


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