Weekend Reads #48

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello from my new apartment! Of course, it's a rental, and it's roughly the size of a shoebox, but it's mine. Roughly speaking, again. The location is what I love about it, though. The neighborhood is lovely, and if I don't want to, I don't have to use public transport to get to the city center, and given the fact that the trolleybuses are usually as crammed as tuna cans, that's awesome. Anyway, now that I'm settled, I expect to finally work on my New Year's resolution considering this li'l blog of mine, so stay tuned! And of course, here are some of the links from around the www. By the way, I apologize for posting this two days after I should have, but it was either today or next week, so I figured go for it. Have a great Sunday!

What XOXO and other endings of emails really mean. (Got me thinking about "Thanks"!)

Do you watch Girls? I love them, but I prefer waiting until the season (of anything!) is finished and then watching at my own pace. Though that will change now that Game of Thrones S06 is out!! Anyway, here's something on sex in Girls. Agreed!

Thinking about moving countries? These are the 50 cheapest ones to live in. But whether you're looking at it for fun or for serious help, make sure you take "local purchasing power" into consideration... I find Serbia extremely expensive after having lived in Germany. The food is so much more expensive than in DE, and the wages are so much lower. I think my fellow Serbians must have a magic trick or two up their sleeves. 

I find this to be more of a European thing than something uniquely British. Americans, do you usually open someone's fridge in their homes? 

And now for something completely different: forget work-life balance!

If you're from the US, you might want to read about Trader Joe's best finds.

Unicorns did exist! Well, kind of.

Pictured above: Belgrade in Serbia by night, viewed from the International Space Station

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