Berlin Boatride or How To Enjoy Your Town Cruise

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Oh wow, it's been quite a while since this boatride happened. Google Chrome keeps reminding me of it every day, as I installed a plugin to make me more productive... though the reality is it's only making me more miserable. Give it a go if you'd like. Anyway, the day before my 27th birthday my friend who visited his BF in Berlin was struck by the fact that I had no plans for my birthday whatsoever, so the two of them arranged a boatride and invited me to join them. As this was actually one of the things to do before I (eventually) leave Berlin, I was delighted! My birthday is in late September, so we enjoyed the fall colors and just seeing the city from the water. We also had wine and a birthday cupcake. It was a day well spent.

So, what are the tips to have a great sightseeing trip from the water? 

1. food. Bring a lot of food. We had chips, chocolate and, well, my cupcake. Or was it a muffin? It was edible - and that's what counts.

2. wine. Not necessary but it gave us a slight feeling of glamour, and hey, is there a better opportunity to be glamorous than your birthday??

3. full battery. Because you WILL want to take photos, so don't start a city cruise without a full cellphone battery and don't forget to also charge your camera battery, if you're taking it with you.

4. a coin or two, for when it gets chilly and you'd rather have a hot chocolate at the boat restaurant.

5. sunglasses and SPF because them rays meet the water.

6. great company. It does take a few hours after all. 

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