Weekend Reads #38

Friday, December 11, 2015

OK, I'm quite sure you haven't even noticed I was gone for a while, but I must say I missed my little online place. I'm so inconsistent! I even promised to myself I would blog regularly this year, and then just out of the blue too many things appear that need to be done, or I just end up in a cocoon made of my blankets because my head is blank, or a combination of the two. But few days ago my brain started working so hard I could almost hear it twist and twirl. It was crazy. Most people find winter depressing or at least experience a lack of creative juices flowing, but this year it's the opposite for me. I have so many ideas it's hard not to do all. at. once. (And of course, it's physically impossible.) Well, at least it feels good. But I won't bother you about my state just yet -- maybe we'll get there in a couple of weeks, if I feel like it. For now, here are the links. I hope you enjoy your weekend, friends!!

What America's immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island.

Joanna's Goddard try on making a brilliant way to cooking dinners.

Masha Sedgwick advocates less life goals, more day goals in this inspiring post.

Why the odds in dating are against young graduate females and why I should perhaps widen my pool.

This short video made me, the ultimate city girl, crave for a house in a village. Crazy.

How wolves change rivers.

Oh my, I'm not responsible for your behavior after reading this one.

As someone who's battled anxiety, I can say it's funny 'cause it's true. (Except it's not funny when it's reality...)

If you live in the US, this might be a good way to save money!

The magical button.

Sending you magical December hugs

(yes I just made that up but it sounds like a thing, doesn't it??)


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