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Monday, October 13, 2014

Never in my life have I waited in line to get somewhere during the day (if we count out banks, post offices, doing administrative and paperwork at uni... you get the point, I'm talking about coffee places & bars & such). Well, ok, I rarely even waited in the night (I would usually not go to places that are so popular you have to wait to get in there). I cannot even remember what the last time I waited was... um, maybe six months ago in Paris? So as long as I can remember it seemed to me that these two things go together - actually, I wouldn't ever, not for a second, even think otherwise - lines are for night clubs, and that's it. Then I went to a place in Berlin I read about, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I got there and witnessed a line of about 50 people. At 7 PM. It seemed just crazy. Again Berlin-themed blogs and websites I'm following found a place to tell everyone about - apparently I wasn't the only reader... My flatmate and I weren't sure whether we should stand in the line or not, because I only had time for like one drink. But then we decided that's it, we're getting in after coming all the way there ('there' being Neukölln, not really a neighborhood you visit daily).

The wait was so worth it! So from what I've heard/read, rooftops are one of the symbols of Berlin, and everybody enjoys view over the city on a hot summer day/night. Well, those who can... not everybody has a nice and available rooftop on their building. Those unlucky people, myself included, have a chance though to visit an amazing bar on a rooftop of a mall in Neukölln (Neukölln Arkaden), called Klunkerkranich. Only a year old, this amazing project offers not only a great view and all the perks of a normal bar, but so much space for chilling out (lying too!), separate smoking area, and a chance to grow plants! (Of course it does, it's Berlin, I wouldn't have expected in any other way.) And as for the view, I will not even try to explain how great it feels to see Berlin roofs and Fernsehturm, my love which I miss terribly because I haven't seen it in a month now.

As you can see, I went there to watch the sunset, and it was wonderful. (Admit it, admit it!) But I guess any time of the day would be a perfect time to pay a visit to this place. They offer food too! One word: pizza! 



Klunkerkranich is on top of Neukölln Arkaden, U-Bhf Rathaus Neukölln. Get the elevator all the way to the parking lot, and then walk to the entrance of Klunkerkranich. They are open daily (Mon-Sat 10-24, Sun 12-24), but the season is from March to December, so make sure you get there before Christmas!


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