Writing Elsewhere

I really enjoy writing. Apart from Wandering Polka Dot, I'm active as a writer for several magazines. You can find my pieces here:

Quirky Daily

Feather Mag
Why You Should Go for What You Want
The Most Valuable Thing You Can Get Is A 'No'
What Happens After You End a Friendship?
Ban the Fear of Being Alone at the Table
How to Tell the Difference Between Constructive Criticism & Just Being Mean
How to Beat Your Hangover
Break Up with You Notifications
Always Have Something to Wear
How to Live with a Roomate and Stay Sane
Why You Should Travel Solo
Home is Where the Heart Lives
Keep Your Home Spotless in Two Easy Steps
Shopping Ban: Extreme Is The New Awesome
How-To: Digital Detox
You’re Too Old For This S#it: 6 Things It’s Time to Stop Doing
How-To: End 2015 on the Right Foot
Just January Things: 9 Ways to Make the Most of This Month
Why You Should Start Saving For Summer Trip Right Now
How To Make Your "Impossible" Dream A Reality
Can You Avoid Playing Games In The Dating World?
Stop Procrastinating Now—OK, In Two Minutes
How-To: Get Back on Track If You Already Gave Up on Your New Year’s Resolutions
This is What Happened When I Tried to Become a “Gym Girl”
A Hug In A Cup: A Quick Guide Through Your Tea Cabinet

Plezir Magazin {in Serbian}

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